In Zatoka, in summer, there are a lot of markets, bazaars, various shops and stalls, catering outlets.


In Zatoka you can taste a lot of fish dishes from local catches: pike perch, Black Sea goby, flounder, boar, crucian carp, shrimp, mackerel, carp, bream, crayfish, mullet and other.


For fishermen in Zatoka, too expanse - you can catch all this yourself and cook yourself for dinner.


On the beaches of Zatoka you can find entertainment for every taste: all kinds of inflatable slides, bananas, buns.


Here you will also be offered to rent a catamaran or scooter.


You can explore the resort and from a bird's eye view, ordering a parachute flight.


Diverse and night life of the resort: night clubs, discos, bars and restaurants.


In the center of the resort, along the sea, there is a beautiful promenade with bars and cafes.


In the summer in Zatoka there are various entertaining events and international festivals.


The region is rich in local vegetables and fruits: tomatoes and cucumbers, watermelons and melons, strawberries, apricots and grapes.


At affordable prices you can buy natural local Shabian wines, which are sold everywhere in Zatoka.








In Zatoka you will be offered tours for every taste:


- to Odessa,


- degustation of Shabian wines,


-water park,


- Dolphinarium;


- to Belgorod-Dnestrovsk (15 km from Zatoka): a medieval fortress, churches of the 14th-17th centuries, a local history museum, excavations of ancient settlements of Scythians, Greeks and Genoese. etc.);


- in Vilkovo - "Ukrainian Venice",


- sea fishing.